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For Executive Women in Energy

The only International Network for executive women in the energy industry.

The mission of the Club is to promote the appointment of women to senior corporate positions and boards; and to facilitate gender diversity within the energy sector.

Pictured: Club members on a site tour of the AES Kilroot Power Station, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on 11 June, 2016.

In London, The Hawthorn Club and Bloomberg New Energy Finance announced a global partnership to promote gender diversity within the energy industry.

Pictured: Jon Moore, CEO, BNEF & Meade Harris, CEO, The Hawthorn Club in September 2017

The club was founded in London in 2011, holding over 40 events in ten countries with over 2,000 executive women attending.

The Hawthorn Club is a global network in which you and your peers are recognized as leaders and change agents.

Pictured: Members Geisha Williams, CEO PG&E, Nancy Pfund, Partner & Founder, DBL Partners, Sara O’Neill, Manager, Government Relations (West), Shell & Judith Lagano, Senior Vice President, Asset Management, NRG

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  • The enthusiasm, passion and expertise of the members are wonderful. The energy industry needs more women; and The Hawthorn Club provides an opportunity to meet the energy industry’s rising stars.

    Lord Nicholas Stern hair of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP)
  • The world is at a turning point, now is the time to redouble efforts and take action to address climate change and we should be looking to women in industry to lead our efforts. The Hawthorn Club provides an inspirational gathering of some of the best and brightest female leaders in the energy field.

    Christiana Figueres Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
  • In a changing world where drastically new business models will be required to adapt to these changes, women can play a major role as the much needed change agents.

    Dr Jeanne Ng CLP
  • The energy challenge of meeting increasing demand, supplying modern energy for all and reducing CO2 will need investment and innovative solutions. Women should join the energy sector to bring their unique insights to help address these challenges.

    Tanya Morrison Shell
  • In building the 21st century clean energy economy, it’s all about the people. Finding the right talent to transition our existing energy sectors as well as create new ones requires the best and the brightest to lead us into a prosperous and sustainable future. At the Hawthorn Club, I am constantly in contact with the kind of top talent that can build this future. I rely on the club to help me find women to hire into DBL’s portfolio companies, as well as to help DBL company leaders find colleagues who can help them build their companies. In this way, the Hawthorn Club is not just a club. It is a catalyst for women to take center stage on the most important industrial transformation of our age.

    Nancy Pfund Founder & Managing Partner, DBL Partners, Member of The Hawthorn Club Global Advisory Board
  • The success of the energy transition depends on our courage, resilience and belief – all characteristics of successful female leaders. And in a networked industry, what is more logical than networking? The Hawthorn Club combines these essential elements and is therefore a force for change.

    Marie Donnelly Director of New and Renewable Sources of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Innovation at DG Energy within the European Commission & European Advisory Board Member of The Hawthorn Club
  • We all agree that tackling climate change is a major challenge, not only for Governments, but businesses too. At the same time, study after study has shown that when women are on boards, companies are more profitable. The Hawthorn Club sits at the nexus of these two challenges and its work will help to create a cleaner, more prosperous future.

    Mary Nichols Chair of the California Air Resources Board & U.S. Advisory Board Member of The Hawthorn Club
  • We are living in an exciting time in the energy industry, facing a multitude of opportunities and challenges, which women are particularly well suited to address. Women can be very well suited to be thoughtful yet disruptive change agents and are well equipped to develop new business models. As women, we can deliver multiple bottomline success, as we intuitively understand that meaningful solutions are not zero-sum.

    Meade Harris Founder & CEO
  • The Hawthorn Club is about substance – a unique global organisation advancing women in energy by providing a platform of thought leadership for executive women who are guiding one of our planet’s most essential industries through a period of unprecedented change.

    Elisabeth Brinton Executive General Manager New Energy

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