The Club was delighted to have Geisha Williams, PG&E’s first female CEO and president, and the first Latina to serve as CEO and president of a Fortune 500 company join us at our Summer Reception.

She gave a fantastic speech on her views on the future of the industry.  She pointed to three things that she believes are needed to make this clean energy future a reality:

  • Recognizing the critical importance of energy infrastructure, especially the electric grid;
  • Making sure that communities and customers aren’t left behind during that transition; and
  • And being open to new ways of thinking about the support needed to build and maintain the system.

Beyond clean energy, Williams said she is excited to be working in this sector now, as the energy transition holds so many opportunities. She said that customers can expect to see PG&E continuing to focus on safety, continuing to invest and integrate technology into its system, and reducing costs while keeping rates affordable and equitable.